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Patti Menefee

    I am a Florida state licensed Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a nationally board certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine that has been trained in the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where I evaluate and diagnose a patient according to the principles of TCM. Differential diagnosis is essential for effective and long lasting treatment that will identify the root cause as well as the manifestation of each persons present health condition. Through a comprehensive evaluation and consultation, I am able to determine and provide compassionate, effective, and lasting treatment specific to each individualʼs need. In utilizing such tools and resources as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tuina (Oriental Bodywork), Moxibustion, Cupping, Stress Management, Nutrition and Lifestyle counseling to name a few, an achievable and sustainable balance of health is realized, enhancing each persons life with quality of health and harmony.

    As an Acupuncture Physician, I have been treating patients as a primary care provider, utilizing the many resources of Oriental Medicine. From allergies to atrial fibrillation, fibromyalgia to diabetes, among many others, much emphasis has been placed on balancing physical health with emotional peace of mind. Patients coming in for depression specifically have found much relief within a very short period of time and those that came in for more physical ailments also noticed changes in mental clarity and focus. As each persons diagnosis and treatment plan is specifically tailored to them, the duration and frequency is also individualized. Through patient education, I empower them to take responsibility for their own health and thus they are usually quite compliant. There are often cases when other modalities are beneficial for more comprehensive health care and I have used the benefit of other healing practitioners as a means to best achieve this. As a result of incorporating an integrative health plan, there is a high success rate in attaining each patients specific goals for reaching their best state of health.

    In addition to formal education, I have trained with Masters in their field of Auricular medicine, Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis, Advanced Cupping, Needling Techniques, OB/GYN and Pediatrics. Through personal as well as professional experience I have a great understanding and appreciation for what this form of medicine is capable of accomplishing when applied by a competent and compassionate practitioner, both qualities I endeavor to maintain throughout my practice.

Patti Menefee - Blue Lotus Acupuncture in Jacksonville Beach, FL

353-B 6th Ave S.

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250