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I am a western medicine physician, plastic surgeon, but when I am hurt or injured I call Patti and Chris. I wanted to write this review, because like me, many of you are probably skeptical about oriental (Eastern) medicine and whether it really works.
Let me emphatically say that it DOES!
I learned about Patti Menefee and Chris Rohman when I injured myself skiing. A friend told me to go to them after a week of suffering with neck and shoulder pain. After 2 treatments with accupuncture I was completely back to normal. I didn't believe it, thought it was just time and the Advil I had taken, so when I later injured the same area again, I went back to see Chris without taking any medication. The pain was completely gone and the muscles released with just one treatment! I was now sold on acupuncture.
Two days ago, I hurt my back and couldn't get off the couch. As I do now, I immediately called Blue Lotus, and they got me in right away. I couldn't walk into their office without assistance, and after a 45 minute treatment, I was able to stand up (sore) and walk out. I just can't say enough about how well this really works and how much I trust these two to get me back to work quickly. You will not be disappointed.ore comfortable.

Erez S. · September, 2016

I found Blue Lotus Acupunture a few years ago. I was extremely sick with a liver disease and had tried so many things to relieve the pain. Through acupuncture, not only was my pain greatly diminished but it was an vital part of my getting well. Also, when I recently had pneumonia and after several months was still very tired and non energetic, I visited again. After just one treatment, I had so much energy, I had a hard time sleeping that night! They always know the right treatment to help my body respond positively. I’m always happy and satisfied with the results from Blue Lotus Acupunture.

Becky D. - September 2018

Excellent professional, knowledgeable, confident, caring acupuncturist. Chris took lots of time to explain the care/ procedure and what I can expect. I am going back for additional treatments as I believe in Chris and the Eastern approach of medicine. I am feeling better than I did earlier today...hooray!

Karyn K. · June, 2018

First time experience for my mom and Chris was very through to explain the whole procedure and how it works, my mom's headache was gone and she seem so much happier.

Toi K. · June, 2018

Patty is so kind & really listens to what is going on with you and your body. Always super comfortable when I go.. to the point I fall asleep during treatment! Highly recommend Blue Lotus if you are seeking holistic treatment! Blessings..

Katherine G. · December, 2017 

...I am very pleased with the service and knowledge that Patti provides and is open to listening to my concerns. Highly recommend.

Patti F. · August, 2017

Went with lower back pain and had my first session with Chris. He was wonderful! Talked to me before hand and listen to me describe the pain. He explain what was going on and how this whole process worked. He did a total body clearing. With one session it made a big difference. I am going back on Thursday for my second session.

Diana K. · May, 2017

I have so much sincere gratitude for the help Patti has offered me. When I first met Patti, I was having problems with my reproductive system, and had had suffered two pregnancy losses. When I first met her, I had very little hope that anything could improve my situation. She truly listened to me. She recommended acupuncture treatment every 2 weeks to improve and "reset" my reproductive system. I was skeptical at first, but after just one or two treatments, my cycles were regular (for the first time in over 10 years), and I was feeling so much better overall. I became pregnant very soon after the initial treatment. She has been treating me throughout my pregnancy, and has helped alleviate the nausea and other unpleasant side effects that go along with pregnancy. I can't thank Patti enough for giving me hope when I thought all hope was lost. I tell everyone I can about acupuncture now. The needles don't hurt. I look forward to my appointments with Patti because I always leave feeling more relaxed and at peace. If you're suffering with pain or anxiety, or are just plain stressed out, please go see Patti at Blue Lotus Acupuncture. She is truly a wonderful person and I am so thankful for her help.

Vanessa O. · January, 2016

Fabulous experience for my first Acupuncture treatment. Chris explained everything and made me feel much more comfortable.

Holli F. · January 10, 2017

The whole experience was great! Patti took the time to really get to know what has been going on with me. She talked me through the whole experience. I will definitely be going back.

Noelle G. · January 5, 2017 

Patty is gifted healer and teacher. Wonderfulnpeaceful experience

Kathy I. · December 20, 2016 

Patty was absolutely wonderful! I was stressed out and was skeptical that it would work for me and not was I wrong. She definitely opened up several blockages and I was so tired after my treatment. I felt very relaxed and it was as if the treatment opened me up and got rid of a lot of built up feelings that I was ignoring. I couldn't be happier with my experience there and will go back for sure !!

Alessandra O. · December 14, 2016

Patti was easy to speak with, understood my afflictions and helped explain how her treatment was going to support healing within my body. She was super attentive and as she placed each needle, let me know what sensation to expect, which differed each time. She was also super helpful in directing my dietary habits towards dishes that would support my energy deficiency of certain meridians. Every time I left feeling rested and supported. Highly recommended experience!

Johanna P. · November 6, 2016

chris knows his stuff ... it works

ALAN C. · October 25, 2016 

Acupuncture very relaxing and helpful. Staff very pleasant and knowledgable

Lisa H. · September 25, 2016

Chris was very informative and helpful.

Sheryl J. · September 4, 2016

knowledgeable staff and an energizing treatment

Laura K. · August 3, 2016


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